About us



A skipper and a sailor, years of experience at sea. Enthusiasm in good quantities, seasoned with some love for adventure and served together with plenty of enjoyment for life close to nature – that is our recepy, that we want to share with you

Why do we do that – in order to be close to the elements – water, wind, sun, moon. To be able to enjoy nature and share the feeling with people that decide to trust us.


We like to discover new things, new places, new people. We know very well it’s impossible to go everywhere

and discover everything.

That’s why we are not in a hurry to do anything “no matter the cost”, but we also don’t slow down too much. We try to move in a good pace, with the stress on “good”. We insist on guiding our crews ourselves, instead of putting them in somebody else’s hands, so we can personally transfer our messages, experience and enthusiasm.

In general – we are real, we are out there, without commercial fuss and advertisement. If you don’t believe – come and have a look. If you believe – you are welcome 🙂 . Shortly –

Sail with us!


The skipper – Kancho Shipkov

Email:  kancho@shipkov.com

Mobile : +359 889 312357








Photographer and sailor – Lu Gospodinova

Email: lugospodinova@gmail.com

Mobile: +359 887 969464