The adventure

The adventure

Life is an adventure, life is sailing…


Why go sailing with a yacht?

Because sailing is an adventure out in nature, a discovery of new pictures, new places, new people. And all that – in good speed, neither too fast, nor too slow, just like the great discoveries in old times were made

Because we are free to decide where to go and how much time to spend there, according to our mood – on a deserted island, in the town port or in a tavern on the shore.

Because sailing can be a very dynamic activity – working with the sails, pulling ropes, fighting the waves, but it can also be a leisurely meditation with the whisper of the sea and the breeze.













Because if you are together with a beloved one – romance is what you’ll have in abundance – warm nights on the deck full of stars, swimming with dolphins ot staying at anchor in a remote bay.







Because sailing gives us the feeling of freedom and infinity, touched by the wind, sum and sparkling water…

The program – We try to develop that together with you, our crews and main participants in the adventure. We try to visit and discover different interesting islands, shores, ports and bays in a good pace, not too fast, but with the feeling that we have covered some distance after a week of sailing, with everybody having found something for himself. We usually spend the night in a port or at anchor in some bay, free and self-sufficient. Sometimes we have to make a night passage too. Sometimes we make a circle, other times – a one way trip. We start and end at easily accessible places, so one can come and go using public transport too. We try to visit more unpopular places, less affected by the mass tourism hysteria.  We make the highlights of the program in accordance with the interests and wishes of the crew.
What can we do while sailing:
  • To learn to handle the boat (under the tuition of the skipper)
  • To fish and then cook or release the catch
  • To snorkel in the bays
  • To climb the rocks (deep water solo)
  • To explore the towns and villages on the islands – on foot, with a bile, scooter or a car.
  • To join a mixed activity program, including biking, kayaking, etc.
  • To just enjoy the wind and the journey, close to the elements of nature








We can NOT offer you:

  • Any of the mass tourism elements – beaches with umbrellas, swimming pools, flotilas…
  • An abundance of sweet water – we have limited capacity on board – about 600 liters, which are more than enough for the basic needs. We refill wherever possible.
  • Power for devices like heaters, hairdryers, etc, unless we are connected to shore power. We use the battery bank for a power source. There is no problem powering and charging personal electronics, cell phones, laptops, etc.
  • Luxury spacey rooms. The cabins, although cozy, are optimized and the boat is not a cruiseship, so we have to share the limited space with the other crew members – in other words – to be friends.
  • Sailing with us is an adventure, not an  All inclusive trip. Everybody has some duties on board, connected with his/hers personal comfort, as well as the group experience. A glass of wine and a book at sunset on board would be a deserved gift after a tiring play with the winds during the day. It’s well worth it!

We hope all that doesn’t spoil your good temper. We just want you to have realistic expectations for a nice journey. Welcome on board!

Important! Please, keep in mind we make reservations quite ahead, about 4-5 months in advance. That helps us build the program for the whole season, so we can meet everybody’s wishes. You’ll help us if you plan ahead.

Welcome on board!